SPurse is set to become one of the largest decentralized wallets worldwide, offering a state-of-the-art blockchain that boasts the fastest transactions available today, and with all features in one convenient location. In the highly competitive wallet market, SPurse will rival established players like MetaMask and Trust Wallet. SPESBaS Purse utilizes web3.0 technology to provide support for cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, Dapps, apps, NFTs, DeFi, and more.

With SPurse, anyone can easily store, trade, buy, and sell any cryptocurrency or other digital assets. Additionally, users can take advantage of SPurse to lend, borrow, and obtain accurate pricing information on all cryptocurrencies, including SPESBaS Assets (DBAS and ALTO).


  1. 1. Market Tab which gives overview of the crypto market, Total cap, 24 hour volume, crypto sectors etc.
  2. 2. NFT Embedding which gives ability to view, store and save NFT in the Purse.
  3. 3. Realtime news from services like: Decrypt, Cointelegraph e.t.c.
  4. 4. Watchlist which gives ability to watch and group your favourite cryptos.
  5. 5. Price analytics for each assets
  6. 6. Multi language / Multi currency,
  7. 7. Multiple blockchains with multiple coins.